Scriptum allows you to take handwritten notes on your Palm OS device. Like a traditional paper notebook it is organized in pages numbered 1,2,3, ... . The number of pages is only limited by memory requirements. Approximately 0.5 kB of memory are required per page.

You can select stroke width and stroke color (on color devices with Palm OS 3.5 and higher). On color devices an individual background color for each page can be chosen. A smoothing filter reduces digitzer noise and improves legibility.

You can insert or remove pages at any place. Pages will be renumbered automatically. Blocks of pages can bemoved or deleted. Furthermore, you can erase individual strokes on a page.

Scriptum allows you to bookmark pages, which helps to organize your notes. Furthermore, pages can be filed to a section defined by a bookmark.

A conduit is available to transfer your notes to a PC. On the PC, a viewer allows you to look at 9 pages simultaneously and to type a clean copy into an edit pad within the viewer. You may save your typed copy in a text file and import this into other applications or simply use cut and paste between applications.

You can beam pages to another Palm OS device running Scriptum.

The unregistered program (shareware version) is limited to 5 pages of notes.

The current program version is Scriptum 1.1.


Revision History

Scriptum 1.2,  Aug 2003

  • Stroke Smoothing

Scriptum 1.1,  Feb 2003

  • Support for different stroke widths (1-3 pixel wide)
  • Improved support for erasing strokes
  • Selectable stroke and background color (color devices)
  • Filing of pages to bookmarked sections
  • Toggling between page and thumbnail view with hardware button
  • Adaptation of Desktop Viewer to new Page Features (Stroke width, colors)
  • Works now on PalmOS 5

Scriptum 1.0,  June 2002

  • first version published