All'armi is a comfortable alarm clock/timer, with a very simple and intuitive user interface. Nearly all operations can be performed with your fingers, there is no need to take the stylus just for a few taps.

Use All'armi

  • as a watch,
  • as alarm clock,
  • to remind you of dates, when knowing the time is all you need,
  • to remind you of events repeating daily or on certain weekdays
  • as a timer.
  • All'armi features

  • an unlimited number of alarms and timer alarms
  • selectable alarm signal and volume
  • variable repeat intervals for the alarm signal
  • snooze function
  • backlight on demand
  • adjustment of system time and date
  • Limitations of the unregistered program

    The number of alarms triggered in the shareware version of the program is limited to a total of 25


    Revision History

    Version 1.1 Aug 2003

    • adapted to PalmOS 5
    • unlimited number of alarms and timer alarms
    • redesigned user interface, digit by digit input for alarm times
    • keeps alarm settings after soft reset

    Version 1.0 June 2002

    • first version published